How Much Do You Know About Space?
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A dozen astronauts have walked on the Moon, we’ve taken breathtaking photographs of distant nebula and planets – is space truly still the “final frontier”?

With all of the knowledge that we have gained about outer space in the last few decades, it is sometimes easy to be blinded by hubris. However, while it is true that we have learned quite a lot about our own corner of the Milky Way, there is still much to learn about our home galaxy and the expanse of the Universe.

Still, what we have learned about outer space thus far could fill the pages of hundreds of books. So, how much of this knowledge are you familiar with? Are you as knowledgeable as the most experienced astronomers or do you still believe that the Sun orbits around the Earth?

Just how much do you really know about space? Let’s blast off into this quiz and find out!

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