Can You Name These Famous Scientists?
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The numerous scientific and technological advancements, which make the world what it is today, have been brought to us by the minds of countless brilliant men and women throughout history. Many of these inventions and developments have brought fame and glory to hundreds of scientists. However, there are still countless men and women that have worked tirelessly in the realm of science without having their names being known.

In this quiz, we’ve scoured the reaches of history to see if we could find influential scientists from a comprehensive range of time periods and from all walks of life. From ancient mathematicians like Brahmagupta and Archimedes to contemporary physicists like Albert Einstein and S. N. Bose.

So, have you been keeping up with your studies? Do you think that you have what it takes to name each and every one of these famous scientists? Then grab your protractors and your beakers and let’s get started!

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