Can You Name The Richest People In The World?
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Let's be honest. There's some truth to the old phrase 'money makes the world go around.'

We work for money. We spend money on things we love and need. We trade money for convenience, time, holidays, and more. Without money, there would be no incentive for grocery stores to continue serving us food, for the mailman to deliver our post, for the internet company to provide us internet, or for entrepreneurs to build companies that transform the world.

The richest people in the world didn't get there by sitting back and doing nothing. Many started iconic companies that served the masses. What would Apple be without Steve Jobs, Microsoft without Bill Gates, or Facebook without Mark Zuckerburg?

Many of the world's richest are celebrity icons known to the masses. Other billionaires are relatively unknown but still the masterminds behind some of the biggest companies known to man today. Some are investors, some are entertainment wizards, and some are legendary entrepreneurs. All of them are interesting people with a great story to tell!

So, test your knowledge and see how many billionaires you can identify with this quiz all about the richest people on the planet!

(Note, net worth figures for these billionaires are estimates as of August 2019).

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